Preventing Student Disengagement In Middle Schools

Published: 2005
By: Robert Balfanz, Johns Hopkins University
      Liza Herzog, Philadelphia Education Fund
      Douglas J. Mac Iver, Johns Hopkins University

Preventing Student Disengagement and Keeping Students on the Graduation Track in High-Poverty Middle-Grades Schools: Early Identification and Effective Interventions The Middle Grades in general, and  high-poverty middle-grades schools in particular, continue to be the underperformers of the U.S. educational system. Drops in achievement and student engagement have been well documented. Raising student achievement in high-poverty middle-grades schools requires intensive, comprehensive, and multi-dimensional reforms. Most current reform efforts have focused on reforming the roles, skills, and outlooks of the adults who teach and administrate in the middle grades or the instructional materials they use. Sustained attempts have also been made to make the middle grades more developmentally appropriate for young adolescents and more caring and supportive learning environments.

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