SI&A offers new tool to address chronic absenteeism

Contact: April Ritter
For release Jan. 17, 2017


(El Dorado Hills, Calif.) School Innovations & Achievement, a national leader in improving academic outcomes for K-12 students, announces the launch of a groundbreaking early-warning tool as part of its acclaimed attendance management system, Attention2Attendance®.

Research strongly indicates that poor attendance is among the best predictors of which students will eventually drop out of school. District personnel will also say that the best strategy for keeping kids in the classroom is identifying potential at-risk students before negative patterns take hold.

Students that are chronically absent are (defined as missing 10 percent or more of the school year) are more likely to drop out of school. By just missing two days a month students can easily become chronically absent.

New enhancements from the engineers at School Innovations & Achievement builds on the already sophisticated software within the Attention2Attendance platform to provide district managers the ability to isolate chronically absent students and initiate communication with parents while also alerting school personnel.

“We’ve been hearing from our district clients that they’ve wanted a vehicle to engage parents and families when students are at risk of becoming chronically absent,” said Jeff Williams, School Innovations & Achievement’s president and chief executive officer. “The new chronic letter enhancement does just that in the same seamless, trouble-free manner that the entire Attention2Attendance suite is known for.”

The focus of the new service is students that are showing signs of missing too much school for any reason–excused or not. A notification to the family is triggered by the system once a student is close to missing 10 percent of the school year.

Today, more than 1,700 schools in seven states are using Attention2Attendance to track attendance among 2 million students. On average, client districts have reported a 27 percent drop in truancy, 30 percent fewer excused absences and a 50 percent reduction in chronic absenteeism.

School Innovations & Achievement, a four-time winner of the Readers Choice Top 100 award from District Administration magazine, employs about 100 workers in the Sacramento area, Pasadena and Redding, as well as regional sales units in Dallas and Chicago.