Articles from 2019

Improving student outcomes requires leadership and data

Posted by Rebecca Labau on February 06, 2019

Each year, hundreds–sometimes thousands–of books are published touting how one can become a better, more effective leader. But Dr. Gerald Hudson, Superintendent of Jasper Independent School District, poses just one question: What if it really isn’t that hard?

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Chronic absenteeism in California schools up slightly, new data show

Posted by Rebecca Labau on January 31, 2019

It is the most obvious and important contributor to student success and yet something many California school districts are not doing well: getting students to show up for school.

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Nation’s Pediatricians Prescribe Plan to Boost School Attendance

Posted by Rebecca Labau on January 28, 2019

New report from the American Academy of Pediatrics calls on health care providers to help curb chronic school absences in effort to improve students’ long-term health.

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