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Remedial Education

The Cost of Catching Up

By Laura Jimenez, Scott Sargrad, Jessica Morales, and Maggie Thompson

Across the country, millions of students enroll in college every year only to learn that they need to take classes that will not count toward their degrees because they cover material that they should have learned in high school. According to the authors’ analysis for this report, these remedial courses cost students and their families serious money—about $1.3 billion across the 50 states and the District of Columbia every year. What is more, students who take these classes are less likely to graduate. Simply put, remedial education—or developmental education as it is also known—is a systemic black hole from which students are unlikely to emerge. Read on...

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Improved Student Outcomes

Tier 1 Results from The Achievement Initiative


Closing the Grad Gap. Closing the Equity Gap.

Compare national graduation rates (lower) and The Achievement Initiative graduation rates (higher).

The Achievement Initiative rate is based on 21 diverse school districts over seven consecutive years.


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