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Losses We Can Prevent

District’s revenue and expenditures is being driven by a crisis in attendance. As districts brace for budget cuts it is critically important to understand the key drivers = accelerated drops in enrollment and a dramatic increase in chronic absenteeism.  

The graph below is comparing the rates of increase/decrease in enrollment to chronic absenteeism, by grade, from the beginning of school through October. It represents an average of 47 days of instruction.

What this is telling us: When we look at the enrollment and chronic absenteeism trend across grade, we can see a declining or relatively flat enrollment compounded by sky-high growth in chronic absenteeism in every grade.

For example: Looking at 1st grade, there is a 4% drop in 1st grade enrollment, which is compounded by the 110% growth rate in chronic absenteeism for the 1st graders that are enrolled. 

Enrollment Down and Chronic Absences Up in Every Grade K-12

The data set includes more than 330,000 students across 33 districts covering a diverse race/ethnicity group:


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