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Be Like Dan

“Looking back, we’ve had years of profound change and phenomenal success. Our school district partnered with SI&A and focused on improving district-wide attendance, by increasing, parent outreach, student learning time and student achievement/success. By combining a web-based infrastructure, data mining and trend analysis, and professional development, the The Achievement Initiative helped us to become more efficient and responsive to the needs of our families and student.

Achievement begins with attendance. Improved test scores and increased graduation rates all begin when students are in class, on task and ready to learn. The Achievement Initiative aims to recover valuable learning time. It supports our district’s goals to decrease the dropout rate, improve the graduation rate, close the achievement gap, and ensure the success of each and every student.”

- Director of Student Services

Understand the whys for your students not being there


A2A Reporting Options for Tags & Concerns Features

Concerns detail report


  • Top 6 concerns tagged

  • Represents 20 students


Interactive Report allows you to:

  • Drill down to list individual students for each concern

  • Apply targeted Tier 2 interventions according to specific concerns 

This report provides an overview of concerns code usage, while providing the corresponding list of students to help users monitor their progress.

Users have the ability to only focus on students who have a particular concern. Users can simply click on the bar for the desired concern.

For more details on the capabilities of this report and others, please contact us.

The Achievement Initiative
Implementation Timeline

Robot Install

Arrange appointment for
A2A ROBOT installation


SI&A begins configuring A2A based on District Specifications

Go Live!

Users will review letters ready to be sent out


Action Items

Emails to collect Implementation Action Items, Data Specifications 


Training held for School Staff and Administration 

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