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This EOY data that can be utilized to make a difference now and next year 


Data that drills down to the student level is the only way to develop an effective communication plan that focuses the messaging on who needs it most:

  • You can sort all students by Chronic Category

  • Continue to prioritize a category of students based on % of year missed and how many days that is

  • Start the next school year right with sending these students postcards with a clear message that connects with your students, encourages them to improve, and demonstrates that you support and believe in them:

    • ​We care

    • We know that you can improve

    • We want to help you improve

    • When you are not in school, we miss you


When they're successful, we're successful

We fundamentally believe our programs make a difference and know how to appreciate those who make it happen.

Lancaster School District
Lancaster School District
Pittsburg Unified School District
Mountain View School District
Calexico Unified School District

Improved Student Outcomes

Tier 1 Results from The Achievement Initiative


Closing the Grad Gap. Closing the Equity Gap.

Compare national graduation rates (lower) and The Achievement Initiative graduation rates (higher).

The Achievement Initiative rate is based on 21 diverse school districts over seven consecutive years.

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