Attendance IQ

What's your student attendance IQ?

GPA and ________ are the BEST indicators of college and career readiness?
Students not reading on-level by third grade are 4 TIMES more likely to ______?
Every 26 seconds, a student dropsout of high school in the U.S. That's ______ students a day!
High school dropouts are _______ TIMES more likely to be incarcerated than people with high school diplomas.
In U.S. prisons, ______ of those incarcerated were high school dropouts.
Nationwide, 1 out of every _____ kindergarten and first grade students are chronically absent, which means they miss a month of school each year.

We are creators of award-winning software and service solutions for K-12 school administrators. Our many innovative programs are helping to protect school district funding, mitigate risk in state and federal programs, improve student attendance and close the achievement gap.

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