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Risk management extends across all school sites.

Did you know that nearly 50% of the Ed. Code in mandate program activities are performed at the site level?

Both mandate block grant & traditional filing districts have to adhere to all the moving parts of all 44 programs—at all schools. Districts get a more comprehensive overview of site-level activities by including site visits with their service plan.

SiteServ gives extra support to individual sites by:

  • Identifying program deficiencies (and where to fix them)
  • Providing a thorough, professional development action plan
  • Scheduling and conducting site-level trainings
  • Maintaining essential process between staff changeovers
  • Recording where important documents are warehoused
  • Efficiently documenting activities and processes

Be sure your team has all the support it needs
We like to take on the work. Our program advisors spend time at every school site to efficiently gather the required data and conduct ongoing trainings. Your principals and site administration will appreciate the time savings, convenience and professionalism.

Risk management: Knowing you’ve covered the basics
How can we shore up deficiencies if we don’t know they exist? A more comprehensive Program Review enables a true districtwide overview of a program’s strengths and weaknesses. Having more accurate information allows SI&A to better identify where to intervene to make effective and sustainable, continuous improvements.

Oversight: Knowing all of your schools are on track
Our assessments review your implementation of important laws. With SiteServ, you can have confidence that all of your schools have the support needed to fulfill those laws.

  • Enhanced district oversight
  • Training for all individual staff members and principals at their school sites  
  • Help with best practices and processes for carrying out the mandates and the documentation of due diligence
  • Professional development recommendations based on site-visit outcomes

Let SI&A help you complete your site-level interviews and training with SiteServ.
Secure a defensible position with SI&A mandate services


Success Stories

“The consultant was very helpful in identifying areas to monitor and document.”
Bass Lake Joint Union ESD

“Keeps my eye on the ball. It is nice having someone who can answer questions. It also saves me time.”
Gustine USD

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