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Your Teachers Have the Right to Know

School safety has become a national issue as budgets are squeezed and class sizes have grown.  Your teachers have the right to know the 3-year discipline history of each child in their class to help them ensure a safe learning environment.


Informs teachers of:

  • Students who have engaged in activities related to California Education code 49079 during the previous three years.
  • Any potential behavioral threat to themselves and their students.

Provides your district summary reports on:

  • Uniformity of ED code enforcement across the district.
  • Trends and comparisons that help you recognize discipline issues.

Provide a safe learning environment and allow teachers to teach, and students to learn, in a safe, drug and crime-free environment.  SI&A’s Notification2TeachersSM simplifies the discipline communication process, keeps you compliant and promotes school safety.

SI&A Attention2Attendance® clients receive added benefits:

By adding the Notification2TeachersSM service to your Attention2Attendance® contract you will receive:

  • A thorough analysis of your suspension data along with your mid-year and end of year A2ASM reports.
  • Advice on what you can do to improve discipline policies and procedures.
  • Information on how to record suspension interventions so outcomes can be measured.
  • Instruction on what you can do immediately to improve suspension-related attendance.