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What is being done to prevent chronic absenteeism?

In districts today, saveRATESM reports are proving Attention2Attendance® (A2A) changes student behavior — regardless of the students’ culture, ethnicity, gender and age — and that 54% of all the A2A students never required a second attendance intervention.

In a partnership with over 1,700 schools, innovative district leaders are using A2A data to identify key absenteeism patterns before students reach chronic levels, before they miss too many days and fall too far behind to catch up.

The saveRATE report captures real-time attendance trends, analyzes intervention effectiveness by school site, grade level and sub-group and provides district leadership clear focal points to actively prevent chronic absenteeism.

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Last year, Attention2Attendance clients had

  • 27% reduction in truancy
  • 30% reduction in excessive excused absences
  • 50% reduction in chronic absences
  • Significant improvement in all sub-groups


Proven track record

saveRATE results prove that students and parents change their behavior after the first Attention2Attendance intervention. This chart illustrates our overall saveRATE results by ethnicity.

Attendance is a dropout predictor

  • The national dropout crisis claims more than 1 MILLION students each year
  • Chronic absences in 6th grade predicts dropouts in High School
  • Only 47% of high school dropouts said their parents were ever contacted about their absences
  • 43% of dropouts interviewed said they missed too many days to catch up


Attendance2Attendance® supports the research that has proven there is a critical link between attendance and academic performance. We have partnered with school districts to prevent chronic absenteeism from kindergarten through high school, communicating the importance of increased learning time to support college and career readiness, working with school staff and principals to decrease dropout rates.


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