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Meet the A2A Robot

Our patented encryption and delivery mechanism secures and automates data retrieval from your Student Information System (SIS). With brief IT support, (installs in less time than a Windows update) the A2A Robot integrates seamlessly with any SIS and in conjunction with our proprietary DataFlow process, immediately assures data accuracy, validates attendance dates, codes and usage.

This is all accomplished silently, securely and automatically without using any district IT human resources.

High Performance and Availability
Attention2Attendance (A2A) systems availability is in the 99th percentile. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art server and storage technologies to enhance performance. This means our application and reports run quickly, efficiently and reliably.

High Acceptance
We’ve created a highly effective onboarding process and training program: A2A has a 100% adoption rate within 24-48 hours of implementation.

Student Privacy and Data Security
We take data security very seriously. We adhere to all privacy and security provisions in the new FERPA laws. All data is 3DES encrypted both in-flight and at rest in a secure U.S. facility with N+1 redundant power.

Fully Managed and Monitored
A2A is a fully managed service, with three independent teams who monitor your system for school site activity, accuracy, constancy and anomalies to ensure issues are addressed quickly. To maintain data integrity, 1,580 automated data validations were built into our process. Our service teams provide data alerts and address most issues directly through the non-IT district contact.

Software & Service Features

  • The school district maintains control
  • Student Information System (SIS) Compatibility
  • Easy A2A Robot Installation
  • Technical and production configuration provided
  • Requires nominal district IT support
  • Proprietary DataFlow process
  • Automated data sync—silent operation
  • Secure data push (not pull)
  • Cloud-based application
  • Supported by the latest browsers
  • Onboarding with ongoing training and user support
  • Basic system requirements for the A2A Robot

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