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We're here to help improve attendance numbers across the country. Over a three year period, our clients have reduced Chronic Absenteeism by 50%, Truancy by 27% and Excessive Excused Absences by 30%. With over two million students in our program, we are the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of attendance and our data reports are second to none.

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  • Increase parent communication

  • Recover learning time

  • Improve graduation rates

  • Close the achievement gap

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Success Stories

Student attendance improving districtwide

SMMUSD HDQRTRS — Attendance improved drastically in the district last year but Ed Board members still want to see more kids in class. District officials say that the implementation of a new attendance tracking system, Attention2Attendance, is a large part of that success.

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Attention2Attendance: Long-term Impact

School Innovations & Achievement has created a proven, winning formula for success by combining the knowledge and expertise from several fields—including education policy and funding, curriculum, administration, accounting, organizational efficiency, and finance.

  • 974.4%

    Additional parent communication

  • 2,725

    Additional students in class each day

  • 490,811

    Additional learning time (days)

  • 54%

    Overall saveRATE

The Achievement Initiative (SM)

A2A (SM) Base Program

  • Early warning system
  • At-risk student focus
  • Increase learning time

Leadership Campaign

  • Strategic plan accelerator
  • Raise graduation rates
  • Increase parent engagement

Tipping Point Focus

  • Early intervention
  • Prevent absenteeism
  • Increase student engagement

Excellent Attendance Focus

  • Positive Recognition
  • Achievement Medals
  • Support student engagement


K-3 Focus

  • Early elementary years focus
  • Dropout prevention
  • Early behavioral development

College & Career Readiness

  • Prevent chronic absenteeism
  • Reduce truancy rates
  • Reduce juvenile delinquency

Testing & Assessment Focus

  • Improve test scores
  • Close the achievement gap
  • College and career readiness

Powerful Combination

  • Data-driven decisions
  • Leadership creating a culture of success
  • Short-term wins & long-term results

Application FAQs

    We currently work with over 12 commercial School Information Systems both hosted and locally installed.  We also work with a number of custom developed School Information Systems.  So far we haven’t met an School Information System we couldn’t work with.

    Typical implementation is 2-3 weeks.  We will meet with your district team to outline the implementation process and ensure that at each step everyone knows exactly what has been accomplished and what steps remain.  Our goal is to impact your staff’s time as little as possible, while building a lasting relationship.

    Our success rate is outstanding. If you would like to know specifically how we perform in districts similar to yours in type, size, and location, please contact us for a tailored impact statement.  We can project your increased enrollment and learning time, cost savings, and return on investment.

    Absolutely!  We can work with your district to determine how to best meet your needs, we can pick-up from where you left off with your letters, or start brand new.  Talk with us to see what works best for you.