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A subscription to ESEA Insider opens the door to a wealth of guidance, news and insight for anyone charged with managing federal education funding. A unique team of content experts scour the nation’s capital daily to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date support for school leadership that includes:

  • Title I, II, III and IV regulatory developments
  • IDEA
  • Federal compliance monitoring
  • Internal controls, supplanting, compliant use of funds
  • Program Improvement
  • Maintenance of Effort, Comparability and advisory councils


ESEA Insider provides coverage far deeper and detailed that any other source on evolving education issues, such as:

  • ESEA reauthorization and guidance for implementation
  • Federal budget and Sequestration
  • Federal education waivers
  • Common Core State Standards
  • English learners


ESEA Insider provides access to concise and detailed guidance resources to assist with ongoing implementation of federal education programs, such as:

  • Developing compliant internal controls
  • Preparing for Federal Education Program Review
  • Basic guide to MoE and comparability
  • Compliant use of funds and avoiding supplanting
  • Advisory councils and composition


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