SI&A’s resources are designed to give school administrators and committee members handy reference points on a wide variety of critical state and federal education issues.

Our resources, which can include professional development, are prepared by content experts with decades of school management experience and offered both in print and online.

Guides for Administrators

School Site Council: Forging Partnership in the Era of Local Control

  • Administrator's Guidebook
  • Member’s Guidebook
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Committee Members Guides and DVD

Pathway to Parent Engagement

  • Administrator’s Guidebook
  • Committee Member's Guidebook
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Best Value Packages

ESEA - IDEA Supplemental Guides (8)

Supplement Vs. Supplant
Time & Effort Accounting
Federal Grant Program Funds: Purchasing & Maintaining Equipment
Title I, II, III: A Beginner’s Guide to Compliance

Paraeducators: The Heart of Special Education
Pandora’s Box: Special Circumstances Instructional Assistance  
Between the Devil and MOE:  Navigating Federal Spending Restrictions
The Soul of Special Education: Parent Participation And Community Involvement   

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