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Everything you need to make your School Advisory Committee run like a well-oiled machine!

The LCFF Accountability Handbook is FREE with the purchase of a Best Value Package.

School Site Council Toolkit - $525

These handy guides contain everything you need to create and run an effective school site council. Learn about selection/election procedures, member eligibility and setting agendas. This guide also complies and explains the laws and terms applicable to school site councils.

The School Site Council Toolkit is also packed with new sections on School Plans (creation, implementation and monitoring), school funding sources and the allowable expenses for each and accessing/improving the effectiveness of your SSC.

The SSC Toolkit includes:

  • The Administrator's Guide to School Site Councils (2nd Edition)
  • 10 copies of The School Site Council Member's Guide 2nd Edition
  • School Site Council Training DVD (18 mins)

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English Learner Advisory Committee Toolkit – $240

These strategic references prepare administrators and team members for the logistical issues related to building and running effective English Language Advisory Committees. This package includes information about composition, selection/election procedures, bylaws and agendas, as well as helpful tips for providing information to committee members. Also included is a glossary of terms and a legislation reference section.

The ELAC/DELAC toolkit also provides guidelines for setting a committee agenda and best practices for improving council and student success.

The ELAC- DELAC Toolkit includes:

  • The Administrator's Guide to ELAC-DELAC (3rd Edition)
  • 4 copies of The ELAC/DELAC Member's Guide 2nd Edition

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