What’s the point of data

Posted on February 25, 2015

It wasn’t long ago that data was often underutilized, rarely talked about, or had limited attention by education leaders. Today it’s an entirely different story. It’s hard pressed these days not to see articles in trade journals, presentations and forums at conferences, and local discussions around how best to report data, disaggregate information, or how to use data to make informed decisions.

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TEACHABLE MOMENTS: Swiss cheese kid

Posted on February 13, 2015

A Swiss cheese kid is my name for a child who exhibit holes in his or her learning due to excessive absences. Absences make it difficult for teachers to help children to experience the same quality of teaching provided on the day missed.

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Only GPA outranks attendance as a performance indicator

Posted on December 17, 2014

After grades, attendance habits among Chicago middle school students provided the best indicator of later academic performance among a range of measures, according to new research.

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Attention2Attendance named among “DA Top 100 Products 2014”

Posted on December 02, 2014

District Administration magazine’s award alerts superintendents and other senior school leaders to the best products their colleagues around the country are using to help their districts excel.”

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For Twin Rivers USD, “Feel The Difference” Is About More Than Its Repaired And Replaced Hvac Units

Posted on December 01, 2014

Once “Troubled” District, Deploying Attention2Attendance® Software/Services Product, Is Emphasizing Attendance and Achievement

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Student attendance improving districtwide

Posted on October 23, 2014

SMMUSD HDQRTRS — Attendance improved drastically in the district last year but Ed Board members still want to see more kids in class. District officials say that the implementation of a new attendance tracking system, Attention2Attendance, is a large part of that success.

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School Innovations & Achievement: Increasing Learning Time in America’s Race for the Future

Posted on October 03, 2014

A National Company in the Sierra foothills Creates The Achievement Initiative to Connect Schools, Parents and Kids

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Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Package of Truancy Legislation Passes State Legislature

Posted on August 29, 2014

SACRAMENTO – California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced that a package of legislation to help local school districts and communities address California’s elementary school truancy crisis has passed out of both legislative houses and is on its way to the Governor’s desk.

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