Reasons To Work At SI&A

Are you looking to make a difference and have fun in the process?
Here's who we are. Would you fit in?

We have worked hard to build a company of talented and diverse individuals who thrive in an informal, ever-changing, results driven environment. Our employees are the heart and soul of who we are. They make SI&A the great place to work that it is.

Our collective workforce has worked at SI&A for over 500 years and 20% of our employees have been with us since we began over a decade ago.

Our corporate climate is a big deal to us. We like who we are and love how we operate. Continuous improvement has been the key to our success. We are always striving to improve things and we believe an employee crafted idea for doing it better is right around the corner.

We are not afraid of change or challenges.  At SI&A, we say "if it ain't broke, break it."

The work that we do is challenging, fun and meaningful. Our services help schools throughout the U.S. to make improvements each and every day.  We share a passion at SI&A because our products & services are making a difference in kids' lives.

A few more things you should know:

  • Our History – we are achievement oriented and accomplish what we focus on.
  • Our Culture – is energetic, flexible, with strong internal communications; we believe in an engaged workforce and we are obsessed with serving our clients.
  • Our Organization – is not hierarchical; we want decisions made at the lowest level, and believe in organizational clarity.
  • Our Sophistication – we operate with systems, processes, training and coaching like a much larger company.

At our core:

  • We are interdependent and collaborative.
  • We think work should be fun.  We laugh a lot.
  • We are, however, serious about achieving our objectives.
  • We are people who know what we know—and know what we don't know.
  • We are proud of what we have accomplished.
  • We embrace change.
  • We are confident about our future.
  • We believe and trust each other.

SI&A is the place to work if you want to:

  • Bring your skill set to the table.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Challenge yourself more than you ever have before.
  • Laugh and be part of a high performance team.
  • Grow far past any potential expectations you may have had.
  • If you are up for the challenge, then this is the place for you!